Layperson - Tidings


"...he says writing the new record taught him to be “more gentle with myself,” and this newfound gentleness courses through Tidings. It’s reflected in softer folk-pop sounds, with honeyed harmonies, jangly Stephen Steinbrink-esque guitars, and revelatory lines like “I’ll never burn/I was just waiting my turn/’Cause singin’ my song’s all I care about,” which he hopes echo the “dead-on, salt of the earth” lyrics of artists like Iris DeMent and Townes Van Zandt....Though Tidings is the product of major changes for Morris, it’s anything but backward looking—its songs resonate with the kind of infectious, wide-eyed joy that sounds ready for whatever’s next." - Portland Mercury


"As the title suggests, Layperson’s new music explores “overlapping cycles.” Depending on the tide, we’re either neck-deep in rising water or have our feet firmly planted on solid ground. And while this pendulum can sound daunting, Layperson (otherwise known has Julian Morris) navigates these currents with a soft touch. His melodies are made with smooth lines, a buoyancy in the interplay between the strings and subtle glint off the piano riffs." - Thrd Coast